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Ikarian Honey Various Collection 480g “Apostolis Karimalis”

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Various collection honey from the Ikaria island.
A source of multinutrients valuable for a healthy immune system.



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Product Description

The producer of this unique honey, Mr. Karimalis Apostle, continues a tradition of threecenturies in beekeeping on the island of Ikaria, with passion and professionalism.

Ikaria island is a famous gastronomical tourist attraction.

Ikaria’s honey is famous for its quality and special taste through Greece. This particular honey is collected from various flowers as well as pine trees of Ikaria throughout the year.  It’s a guaranteed one variety honey and not the mixture of many. It’s a natural product without any addings or preservatives. It’s ready for consumption after a filtering procedure which allows the removal of any particles that may exist during harvest. It consists of minerals and micronutrients valuable for a healthy immune system. Honey is known for its sedative, astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.




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