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The Shaman Tea Refill 100g “Sparoza”

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Looking for strong and exciting flavours, we drew inspiration from the traditional Indian chai Masala and created the SHAMAN tea! It is a handmade blend of freshly ground spices and quality black tea, with a spicy aftertaste.

A mug of SHAMAN tea offers a unique combination of senses, relaxing, soothing and invigorating at the same time. The aromas of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom give it a strong Indian vibe, while ginger, peppercorns and chili add a fascinating spicy twist. Try it with milk and sugar or plain (instructions in the box). Enjoy it hot in winter and ice-cold in summer.


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Product Description

Sparoza is a Greek family business situated in the heart of Athens and specialising in mixture creation of spices and herbs. Its inpiration comes from the spiritual senses of the East, the herbally perfumes of the Mediterranean blended with Greek citrus extracts added with a pinch of mystery from the far away India. The sole purpose is to savour the taste experience of its mixtures to unique gastronomical paths. Sparoza offers best quality flavouring to your daily needs. With no added preservatives, artificial colourings or additives.


    • Γαρυφαλλο
    • Κανελα
    • Καρδαμο
    • Μαυρο Πιπερι
    • Μαυρο Τσαι
    • Τζιντζερ
    • Τσιλι

    • No preservatives or Additives
    • No flavourings or artificial colourings




Additional Information

Weight 104 g


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