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Yiam φράουλα με ακατέργαστη ζάχαρηwise greece

Strawberries Jam With Raw Sugar,450g “Yiam”450g for Wise Greece

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Finely diced, fragrant, ripe strawberries boiled in raw sugar to create the quintessential, children’s favorite, home made jam.
Use it to make biscuit sandwiches, spread it on a tart, use it as topping for ice cream or yogurt, there very few things you cannot use for…

And don’t forget that, with every Wise Greece product that you buy  you help us cover the basic food needs of the homeless and children.


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Product Description

Wise Greece is a non-profit Organization, with a double mission, that works as a social enterprise! We promote top quality Greek products, through the sales of which we manage to raise money and buy food, in order to donate it to people in need.
We never donate money! We cover the basic nutritional needs of unprivileged people!
Through this effort we aim to globally increase consumers’ awareness, so that they will embrace these products, follow and integrate the healthy Mediterranean diet in their daily lives and foremost support our cause.

Therefore, by purchasing any product with a Wise Greece sticker, you are helping us to ensure that the basic food needs of vulnerable groups of people can be covered. You are instantly becoming an active link of a “wise” initiative.


    • Strawberries (60%)
    • Raw sugar

    • No artificial colourings
    • No glucose
    • No preservatives




Additional Information

Weight 621 g


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